About us

Love for food, life and wine!

This Is Our Story

What’s different about 310 Grill from other restaurants? Simple. It’s the owner, Chef Blessing. It’s his kitchen and he takes old fashioned, everyday pride in what he serves to customers.

He’s up early, shopping for fresh ingredients. Could be for the new pizza he’s preparing for the night or perhaps a Black Board special like Blackened Salmon.

He oversees the prep being done by Monika….she cuts the onions, carrots, garlic and other vegetables being used for the night’s seasoning. She rolls the dough for the pizza and gets puff pastry ready for the homemade desserts. Richard, the sous chef, is busy preparing the sauces used for Chef Blessing’s soups, sauces and entrees. Edgar is inspecting the day’s delivery of meat and fish to make sure it’s fresh and high quality.

This work does not cost you one extra penny. It’s courtesy of Chef Blessing because he takes pride in his food.

310 Grill is open at 4pm Tuesday through Saturday in the Riverview Mall, Bullhead City.